Anonymous: I have a best friend that i've known for years and i love her and like she's perfect and we said we'd get married but still have boyfriends cuz fuck boys but like FUCK them you know? wink so yea i lover her and i miss her what should i do help pleaseee <3

Aww! I think that you should talk to her about how you feel! But there’s a risk that she might not understand. :( sadly. But it’s up to you. Or you can keep quiet but then you’ll be in silent pain forever. But if you think that she’s really into you then I say go for it :) go for what you want.

Anonymous: I'm 18, like an 8/10. So a pretty good looking dude. i got the girls, up until recently i just never had the game. so im a virgin. So tomorrow is show time and im excited as fuck but also got that little bit of nervous

Ha that’s awesome. Just enjoy and make sure you want it!

trip-thoughts: i want cuddles with you in that bed of yours

I have a lover! Only he can do such things!

My bed is my paradise
carnivalcat3: I really want to be a warrior/assassin in Middle Earth.

That sounds like fun!

Anonymous: My parents make me feel really bad because I'm not religious like they are. I don't have an interest. They act like they hate me or like if I'm a weird monster from hell. It makes me feel so awful.

Noooooo :( it shouldn’t be this way. Feel good and love who you are and fight for what you believe. Be happy!


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